Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Rick and Morty - Under Surveillance


Rick beats up Morty to save him, then discovers the Galactic Federation are after him again.  Meanwhile Jerry is forced to work thanks to Rick.


Rick attacks Morty to purge him of a Galactic Alien spy who has been collecting evidence on Rick to put him away. When reports get back to Galactic headwaters, they release micro-spies to monitor Rick, which appear as pimples on Summer and Morty.

Meanwhile, Rick has pawned Jerry off into the slave trade in exchange for drugs and has replaced him at home with a Blow-Up version of Jerry. No one notices. Jerry is enslaved on a Mimic Planet and put to work doing menial labor work. He dislikes the job, but does receive recognition as a fairly decent worker.

Back at Home, Rick also deduces that he is being tracked by being followed in an alternate dimension where Rick doesn’t exists, and is able to find the Mercenary tracking him. Rick then suspects Summer of housing a Gromflomite colony. He puts Summer under close watch to review the small colony of Gromflamite spies on her face. He removes the colony, destroying countless micro-lives in the process. The Gromflamite commander decides to call in the Eccledyke (shadows) to bring back Rick- dead or alive.

Rick and Morty go out to space for lunch at a space-pitstop. While Morty is in the bathroom attempting to see if he has another colony of spies on him, his reflection attempts to harm him- evidence that he is still being tracked to get to Rick (this is the Eccledyke). Rick is able to get the Spy out of Morty, with the twist that the meal Rick ordered for him would counteract the zapper Rick used to get the alien out.

At the Smith home, Beth realizes the Jerry balloon is not actually Jerry when it begins to deflate. Beth realizes she was too stressed to even see her husband was gone. Rick makes trip to Rescue Jerry, where a shoot out occurs to free him. Jerry is happy to leave, although recognizes he at least had some workplace recognition as a slave. When he gets back home, he receives a slightly luke warm welcome- specifically from Summer, who ignores him.

Length: 28 pages

Cast: 23

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Rick and Morty - R Is For Rickdetta


Rick bumps into another Rick at the Council of Ricks that sets off a turn of events that escalates and gets out of control.  Leaving Rick with no option but to kill the other Rick.


While Rick is on Holiday with Morty, Revenge Rick has messed with Rick’s timeline by unleashing numerous Jerrys into his world. Annoyed and upset by this, Rick decides it’s time to defeat Revenge Rick once and for all. He tries several things to neutralize the pesky Jerry’s, like Producing a God-Like Hologram to scare them into submission, but in the meantime, Revenge Rick collects several Jerrys’ and asks them for help to defeat Rick. As expected, the Jerry’s are unhelpful and Revenge Rick decides to glean some ideas from Rick, and then improve upon them. Revenge Rick uncovers several plans for Rick’s defeat- but finds all of them unoriginal. Rick is able to (easily) get out of the Jerrys that Revenge Rick needed help from them to defeat Rick and puts together that Revenge Rick is probably trying to steal ideas from him.

Rick steals the microverse engine from Rick’s space car, and just then, Beth comes in and informs him and the crowd of Jerrys that ONE of the Jerrys got a job. The Jerrys all claimed the job but they are able to eliminate the imposters and find the correct matching Jerry - Jerry9. Revenge Rick leaves Rick’s dimension C-137, seemingly because of the horrific smell caused by Beth’s horse.

Meanwhile Beth has stolen a race-horse she believes is ill and has him kept up in the backyard, in order to cure it of a disease she believes it has. The horse however, causes the house to smell awful and sneezes all over Morty and causes the family general unrest. Also, every time Beth or Beth2 see Rick or Revenge Rick, they attempt to bribe his affection with dessert. In our final act, we learn that Beth stole the horse from the race track, and is now blacklisted from returning to the Track.

When close on Revenge Rick, a few days later, getting in his space car to run and errand and the ship blowing up.

Length ~ Thirty One Pages

Cast: 10

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